Friday, April 27, 2012

CCBCi Arrives

So we've been talking about the Bible College team coming down here for awhile now and the time has finally arrived! They arrived in St. Kitts on Tuesday and brought a great deal of goodies with them. As always with a Bible College group, they are always willing to help, eager to serve and ready to minister the gospel. It is encouraging to see new faces and have some new people to interact with for the next few weeks. We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Horizon, our home church, and anyone else who was involved in bringing all sorts of donations. One thing in particular that I am so thankful for is our new cajon! This drum will help in our ministry at CCF as we have had many people asking if we had some sort of percussion instrument for them to play.  We are so thankful!

The first night that the group was here, we were invited by our basketball team manager, who works in the Ministry of Tourism, to go to a free concert on a cruise ship! We had never been on a ship here in St. Kitts and thought it might be a cool way to kick this trip off. The concert was pretty cool, the ship was state of the art, but there was something a little bit off about the whole thing... Come to find out, this ship is a Scientology owned and run vessel. This ship will be coming to St. Kitts throughout the summer and putting on free concerts and movie nights for the community of St. Kitts. They say its for no purpose other than helping fellow human beings, but there is no doubt they have their own agenda. Pray for the people of St. Kitts protection from being deceived by the false teachings of Scientology.
The next day, Brandon and I took the group on a prayer walk around the island. We took them to some of the places where ministry goes on here as well as some places like the government building and cemetery. The students enjoyed being able to see the island and experience some of the culture. They really enjoy Ting, a local grapefruit soda bottled right here in St. Kitts. 

Yesterday, we took the group to Fig Tree to work at the Youth Center that needs a lot of attention. The main thing they will be doing is clearing land that has overgrown. If you have ever cleared land with nothing but shovels and machetes, then you understand how hard of work this is! The group worked really hard in the hot sun for over 4 hours! We have a few more days planned there and we have already made a huge difference. Overall the group is alive and well and looking to serve Jesus, so we're excited to see what God wants to do through them.

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