Saturday, April 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Sorry this update is a little late, but better late than never! We have many things to be thankful for over this past Easter.  The church we attend and are in leadership at on Sundays, Caribbean Christian Fellowship, had a Good Friday worship service on the beach! It was the perfect way to remember what Jesus did and it was just an amazing experience worshiping Him in the midst of His glorious creation. We also had the privilege of being a part of two baptisms of our good friends Brent and Kendra. We had communion and had an extended time of worship. The Lord truly blessed our time together that evening. 

To go along with Good Friday, of course the Resurrection came on Sunday! We had a packed house at the Frigate Bay Resort Conference Room where we meet on Sunday's. We had a blessed time of worship and Brandon got to teach his first Easter Sunday service which went really well. Later in the day, another missionary couple invited us over for Easter lunch and to swim at their pool. It was a blast! 

Basketball is still demanding a lot of time and its still an awesome opportunity to share Jesus with all of these guys. Please pray that our focus and attention would be continually focused on being lights and examples to everyone we would meet through this avenue God has provided. It is easy to get caught up in the basketball aspect of it all and forget the reason we are there! 

We are still doing the two Bible studies throughout the week and the Word is still going forth and touching hearts and changing lives! Pray God would have His way in both of these Bible Studies and in the hearts of those who come.

AWANA is making a change. We have been having around 75 kids every week coming to AWANA which is amazing, but at the same time with only about 10 leaders on average every week, this can get pretty crazy! We decided to have the younger kids and older kids alternate weeks so that we could really focus on the quality of the ministry as opposed to the quantity. 

Lastly, we are getting really excited about the Bible College group that is coming in a week and a half! Be in prayer for these guys and gals and for their trip. Pray that the Lord would work great and awesome things while they're here in St. Kitts!

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