Tuesday, March 27, 2012

God Opens Doors

We just wanted to give a few quick updates on what has been going on here. This week, the Lord opened the door for us to share at a high school in Cayon for their all school assembly.  I did a few worship songs which always gets their attention because most of the people here have never seen or heard someone play guitar live before.  Brandon then shared the Word and we passed out over 200 tracts to all the students. Praise the Lord for opening awesome doors!

On Monday evenings, Brandon and I have started going out to Fig Tree, a community on the other side of the island, to begin a Bible Study. To make a long story short, Mavis, the woman who helped us start the AWANA program, has started cleaning up a youth center and a church adjacent to it so that it can be used for ministry. She invited us to come do a Bible Study and told us the people of Fig Tree are hungry for something like that to come along. So we showed up for the first meeting and as soon as we began, people just started flocking in to see who was meeting in this old church that never gets used. There has been over 30 people each time we have been. The way the Spirit of the Lord is moving there is unlike anything we've experienced. Continue to pray that the Lord would continue to stir up hearts and change lives in this community! The Youth Center needs a lot of work done inside and out, therefore it will give the mission teams coming this spring and summer plenty to do while they're here! 

Basketball is still going strong and the adult league that Brandon and I play in will begin soon. It is truly such an opportunity for Brandon and I to be involved in the community in this way. We get to play a game that we love and have the chance to talk to so many Kittitians while doing it. Pray that we would have a boldness to be a light and a witness to everyone we would come in contact with through basketball. 
Thanks to all who take the time to read about what God is doing here in St. Kitts! Be blessed! Or in Kittitian slang, "Bless Up!"

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  1. Thanks for the update! I love that all those people came in just to see what was going on in the old building and stayed for a Bible study. Bless up!