Thursday, March 22, 2012

What The Women Are Up To

Everyone has been fully informed about what has been happening here ministry wise, but I thought it might be nice to tell you what other things our days consist of (particularly for myself and Wendi).

On alternating Tuesdays, Wendi and I get to go the local coffee shop. By ourselves. No kids allowed! It's a lovely time; we sit in the free AC, Wendi gets a chai, we snack on donuts, talk about books, the Lord, marriage, life in St. Kitts (the good and the bad), and all that other girl stuff. This next Tuesday we are, Lord willing, going to try out a different coffee shop in town that we heard about from our fellow missionary friends!

Wednesdays, Wendi and I take turns making dinner for the five of us and a snack for the Bible study group that night. It's a good way for us to try out our Pinterest recipes! This week however we had a cook out with Bible study. Brandon grilled, Wendi made her delicious potatoes, and I made dessert. It was a good time of fellowship and food!
Every other Saturday, we also take turns going to AWANA, and staying home with Audri and Keaton. Its been a good way to do things for us. This way we are both getting to pour into the AWANA kid's lives, and we are both able to work alongside our husbands in ministry. We share two groups; a group of Sparks girls and a group of TNT girls. Both groups are really thriving with this program. Last week one of the girls in our Sparks group received $12 AWANA dollars for finishing two sections in her book. I think she ended up memorizing and reciting 7 verses that night! We were all very excited and impressed!

On Sundays, we are blessed enough to attend a women's bible study with some girlfriends from CCF. This is a really great way for us to be refreshed. We fellowship over dinner and dessert with our sister's in Christ. Right now we are coming up on the end of our workbook, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.

We try to have beach/pool days at least once a week depending on the schedules and the kiddos. Hopefully we'll be able to spend a bit more time around the water now that it is getting very HOT! Wendi and I are also getting food plans made for the fast approaching CCBCi practicum next month! We are super excited to have visitors and some helping hands! 

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