Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pressing On

The last post we wrote, the Bible College team was here and things were super busy. The team was here for close to three weeks and sadly departed from us last Thursday. We were so blessed by this dynamic group that desired to serve and see Jesus lifted up. They were involved in many work projects at Fig Tree (see last post), the Grayson's house, going to the Children's Orphanage, helping at AWANA and both Bible Studies. The three weeks blew by and we had a blast with them. As they leave it is definitely bitter sweet because you get to have a taste of that fellowship for 3 weeks and then its just gone all of the sudden. The Lord is showing us that all we can do is continue pushing forward, continue serving, ministering to people and showing them the love of Christ. Thank you CCBCi for a great three weeks!

During the team's visit, we also were blessed to have Wendi and Jamie's mother, Kathy, and their Grandmother, Jan visit. A long time family friend of theirs named Tammy also joined them for her own personal type of mission trip. They just recently left as well so you can imagine how crazy it was having all these visitors at the same time and then almost all at once they're gone! Once again the Lord is showing us to rely on Him and allow Him to give us the strength to press on and fight the good fight.

Ministry Related News-
The two bible studies in Fig Tree and in Bird Rock at the Grayson house are still going strong and we look forward to continuing them. While the Bible College team was here, we started helping the Cayon Gospel Hall church do their youth group. It's been really neat to be in a youth group atmosphere here and be a part of a church trying to raise up a youth group again. There have been around 20 youth each night and they attentively listen to the Word of God being taught in a verse by verse manner. This is most likely something new to them and we're glad to be a part of it. Caribbean Christian Fellowship has started back again and the fellowship continues to grow. We have been diligently working to enhance and better the experience at CCF by putting up a website (click here), organizing car pools, and exploring ideas of how to get the word out about CCF to new students and locals alike. Basketball is in full swing now with usually 2 games a week along with practices here and there. It's definitely easy to get worn down with our schedule so pray the Lord would give us strength and a passion for everything we do. Pray that we would never get a mundane attitude about doing the Lord's work. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

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