Wednesday, January 4, 2012


     So we haven't posted anything since before Christmas and it's after New Years now so I think an update is in order.  We had a good Christmas here with the Grayson's, eating a lot of wonderful food and enjoying each other's company.  We skyped in with a lot of family back home which was a true blessing, thank you Skype! For the most part, things here in St. Kitts shut down for about 2 weeks starting from Christmas Eve all the way until about 4 days after New Years.  Since everything has been shut down for awhile, things have been a little slower than usual, but with everything coming up in 2012, we are sure to be back to being busy in no time.

     This year we are introducing the AWANA program to the boy's club and it will be boys and girls both.  We are really excited about introducing AWANA here so please be in prayer for all of the logistics that go with starting an extensive program such as AWANA.  Since the break is now over, the Bible Study will soon return to normalcy and many that have been gone will start coming back.  Pray for God's will to be done with the Bible Study and for Him to bring those whom He desires to come.  We will also be involved with a local church called Caribbean Christian Fellowship which is comprised mostly of students here on the island.  Right now, we will be serving and helping them in whatever ways we can.  The basketball league that Brandon and I help coach and play in, will not be starting back up again until February or March.  For now, Brandon and I try to go down to the local basketball court and play pick-up games with some of the guys that show up.  Pray for all of the young men involved with the basketball teams, they need Jesus desperately as we all do.

     Thank you all for your continued prayer and support and we look forward to sharing more about what God will do in St. Kitts in 2012!

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