Monday, January 23, 2012

New Happenings

      So things are finally starting to pick up since the Kittitian Holiday Hiatus.  This past week we decided to make lunch for all of the people who come to the Wednesday night Bible Study.  We had a good time with the Grayson's grilling up all the barbecue chicken and potatoes and then going to each person's workplace and giving it to them.  They all loved it very much and were really grateful.  One of the guys who comes to Bible Study is the manager at an auto store and so we decided to give his whole store lunch since we know some of the guys that work in there.  They all were really enthusiastic about the food and said that they were going to start coming to Bible Study just for the food!
     Brandon and I have continued working at a women's house named Nicole.  We have almost tiled the entire shower and soon she and her daughter will have a working shower! It was Brandon's birthday and so we celebrated last week by going out to eat and having some frozen yogurt afterwards. It was a really good time of fellowship!

        In other news, we just recently had our AWANA leadership training for several Kittitian women who had previously volunteered for the Boys Club.  It was encouraging to see them catch the vision for AWANA and get excited about implementing the program with the young people of the community.  Please pray for wisdom and direction as we move forward with starting the AWANA club.
     After being here for 2 months now, it seems we are finally going to be able to get our visas!  Brandon and I just went it today (1-23-12) and dropped off our passports and the women told us that they should be ready by Thursday!  Also since it is missions related, we will not have to pay any visa fees! Thank you so much for all of your prayers for this, as you can tell, prayer really works! PTL
     In addition, we have also been involved with Caribbean Christian Fellowship, a church here that students from Ross University lead.  Brandon and I try to attend the Tuesday night Men's Bible Study as often as possible and Jamie and Wendi attend/host the Women's Bible Study on Sunday nights.  This has been a blessing to fellowship with them and grow in God's Word with them.  Pray for our vision and future involvement with CCF. Lastly, we want to thank you all so much for taking time to read this and thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!

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  1. oh my goodness, I couldn't figure out who that girl was standing with brandon and his kids... crAzee!! That's awesome about the lunch thing you guys did. I gave tricia some almond butter for you.. I guess it's not exactly the right thing (I don't know what almond paste is) but I hope you like it anyway. :) praying for you guys...