Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving Forward

It seems that the past couple weeks since we've been here, a theme has continued to pop up and it's simply to take things one day at a time and just move forward. This has been the case especially when dealing with the shipment of our things from the states to St. Kitts.  To begin with, the shipment cost way more than we anticipated, but we just trusted the Lord and moved forward, trusting that He would provide.  After the shipment arrived on the 13th, we went the next day to the shipping company's office where we received our documents to take to the port to receive our cargo.  We went as soon as the port opened the next day at 8 am and it was a good idea because it is crazy this time of year with the Christmas season.  We went to find out that our stuff had not been moved from the warehouse down by the water, up to the warehouse where it gets cleared.  We waited until the next day and they told us the same thing, "it still hasn't come up yet." So obviously this is getting frustrating and our patience is truly being tested because we wanted to be able to get our stuff so we could move into our apartment ASAP.  So normally the port isn't open on Saturdays but they had to open because they were so behind on everything. We went early again on Saturday morning and finally saw all 7 pallets of our stuff but had to wait for a customs officer to come and clear it.  We saw the woman who cleared all of the Grayson's things and asked her if she could help us.  She directed us to another woman named Keisha who began the process of going through each and every box along with 3 other co-workers.  After a long while of moving boxes off of pallets and letting them tear through everything, we saw the woman who cleared the Grayson's stuff talking with Keisha and we overheard her telling Keisha that we were missionaries and we're doing good work throughout the community in St. Kitts.  Shortly after that Keisha said, "Alright that's good, we're good here."  The amazing thing was that they stopped halfway through the pallet that had our TV (which would have been charged a ridiculous amount of duty tax).  It was literally right before you could begin to see the TV, PTL!  Keisha took our form, disappeared for awhile and then emerged with the form with a large figure on it, a very LARGE figure on it.  Brandon and I looked at it and our hearts stopped.  We asked her if that was what we had to pay and she replied "Oh no, it's all free, you don't have to pay anything."  PTL once again!  After going through the rest of the process, we finally got all of our stuff out of there and moved it into our new place.

We plan on making Keisha and some of the people at the port cookies or a cake to thank them.  God is amazing and gave us crazy awesome favor the entire day. Just keep moving forward and do the next thing, trusting the Lord the entire way, knowing that He is in control and He has the entire blueprint, we just have a snapshot of it.


  1. I want a picture "tour" of everything in your place!!!! (or a video one on Facebook!) Looks neat from what I can tell. Your kitchen looks pretty big.??

  2. Your place looks great guys! It must feel SO good to finally be getting more settled in.

    For some reason I have it on my mind to mention to always remember that you're being watched (by the people), in every interaction, every circumstance, and so to always act in a way that honors God. Of course I know you know that! When we were in Ukraine we often had to be a lot more pushy and mean than we would normally be to get anything accomplished and I hated that. But how great that apparently God worked out your situation without you having to do that and it's so much better that way.