Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

Ah, where to begin, you all know the insane journey we had to get here, and things have only slowed down a little since we arrived. Once we got here, everyone but myself and Audri seemed to battle with some sort of illness; Luke and Keaton with colds, Brandon feeling completely run down and exhausted, and Wendi, poor Wendi, with strep throat which included a fever and rash that broke out over her entire body. Thankfully, the Lord has healed them and they're all back to good health.

The last week and a half, Luke and Brandon have been serving a woman in our bible study, by helping her paint and fix up her home. This has been no small undertaking. One of the days I went with the boys to help them out with the painting, and this "house" was like nothing I've ever been in before. I walked in and  immediately wanted to leave because the conditions were so terrible. It broke my heart to imagine that people, not just here, but all over the world live like this. As I was painting I was praising and thanking God for all the comforts he's blessed Luke and I with. Despite the working conditions, they've spent endless hours there making it more livable.

Last weekend we also celebrated Audri's 3rd birthday! It was such a great day for her. She had so much fun with her friends and all the CAKE!

We've been working on getting a weekly routine down, filling our days with service projects, Mommy group, bible study, grocery shopping, basketball games, beach/pool days, and the occasional trip to Rituals for breakfast.

Today we spend the afternoon at the pool and tonight while Luke and Brandon go to coach their basketball game, Wendi and I are going to try to have a movie night (that is if Audri and Keaton will let us). The exciting thing about today though is that we went to look at an apartment for us to live in! We found the listing for it online, and when Brandon contacted the woman who posted it, she knew who he was because she listens to him on Dominion Radio! So like I said, we went to check it out today, and we really liked it. The price is right in our budget, it's a safe area, and it's only a five minute drive from the Grayson's. We told her that we were going to pray about it and that we would let her know by the end of the week. So please be in prayer that we would have the wisdom to know if this is the place God has for us.

It's been a crazy two weeks, to say the least. Trying to adjust to a new lifestyle is no easy task. We've definitely had our moments of homesickness, and there's not a day the we don't think about all of our friends and family. We miss everyone so much, and please keep us, the Grayson's, and the people of St. Kitts in your thoughts and prayers.

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