Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This Sunday, October 23, we're having a chili lunch and bake sale for anyone who would like to come fellowship with us and talk about St. Kitts and the work the Lord is doing. It will be at Horizon Christian Fellowship after second service, which usually ends around 12:30 pm.

In other news, my passport still hasn't come back yet, so please be in prayer for that! Also, we need prayer for this new situation the Lord has brought about.
Yesterday, Luke called the man we are going to be renting our apartment from in St. Kitts to smooth out some of the final arrangements. However, he told us about a man in their church who has recently lost his job and was in need of a place to live, so he is now living in the apartment that we were going to rent. There's a chance that he won't be living there once we arrive but it's all very up in the air. Now we're faced with the problem of needing to look for another place to live in case this man is still in that apartment when we arrive. Needless to say, it's been discouraging.
Luke and I prayed last night that God would show us what He wants to do in this circumstance and how He wants to use this situation for His glory, and we prayed for the man who lost his job, that he would find strength and provision through the Lord, and we ask that you would be in prayer with us! God is faithful and the ultimate provider. He knows all things and the plans for those who love Him are good.

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