Monday, September 12, 2011

On Mission

Lately, as Jamie and I have been progressing towards leaving eventually, I've been asking God what it means to be a missionary. What does it look like?  I've discovered that our entire lives are lives on mission. We are all missionaries.  We are journeying from this place to heaven and our mission is to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ, while bringing as many souls as we can with us to heaven.  Jamie and I are super excited as the time draws closer to our departure.  Some things you could be in prayer for is for Jamie's passport renewal to go smoothly and come back in a timely manner.  Also be in prayer for the hearts of the Kittitian people, that they would be softened to the truth that is in Christ.  Pray for us and for the Grayson family, that God would bless the ministries that He has for each of us there.  Pray that we would trust in God completely and solely for His provision to fulfill this calling He has placed on our lives. We appreciate all your love, prayers and support! Keep on fighting the good fight...

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