Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year, A New Vision

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by to see what God is doing here in St. Kitts! We had a very blessed time with the Grayson's as we celebrated Christmas and New Year's here in St. Kitts for the second time. Along with the holidays we had the awesome privilege of having one of our best friends visit, Nathan Music! He has a great picture down below jumping off the dock! We also are blessed to have Jamie and Wendi's mom here with us for a little over a week!  

Looking back, God did so many amazing things in 2012 and we are excited and looking forward to what He will do in 2013. God has really laid in on the Grayson's and our hearts to be more focused this year on the quality of ministry and not necessarily the quantity. At one point in 2012, we were doing ministry every day of the week. This year we are going to take a few things that God has really pressed on our hearts and strive to make them the best that we possibly can. Some of these things include the AWANA program, the church where Brandon pastors and I lead worship (Caribbean Christian Fellowship), and more special outreaches to the different communities on the island. 

After a lot of prayer and seeking the Lord, Jamie and I are confident that God is sadly sending us away from St. Kitts. He has called us to the School of Worship in Costa Mesa, CA and therefore if we know He is calling us to that then we need to be prepared to do just that. In order to be prepared for another tremendous journey, we will be leaving St. Kitts in March to return to the States and take the time before school would start in September to reestablishing our lives back in the US. We are excited to help the Grayson's begin a new year of ministry and are so blessed to know that God is already working in the area of bringing others alongside them to help them in ministry. There will be 2 or possibly 4 mission trips here as well as a youth group student coming down for a few months to intern with the Grayson's and help them. God is so good and we have experienced it in so many new ways over the past year and a half. We can't thank you all enough for your love, prayers and support. Stay tuned for more updates about the different ministries here in St. Kitts.

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