Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two More Weeks!

Hey everyone, we know its been way too long since our last post! Things have definitely been moving slower since Brandon and Wendi have been gone for their visit to the states. The good news for us is that we only have two more weeks until we get to go home and visit everyone that we miss so dearly! We will be home from October 23rd-December 3rd.

This past month as I said has been slower, yet we have still been used by God in very cool ways and have been blessed by some of the new opportunities God brought our way. We have continued the two Bible Studies that are on Monday nights and Wednesday nights. I am continuing to grow in my ability to teach God's Word simply and it has been a blessing to study His Word and have the privilege to share it with God's people.

The days have usually been filled with simple things like helping our Bible study attendees out with transportation to their jobs, to their schools as well as grocery store visits. Its been neat to get to know some of them even better as we spend a lot of time talking when driving around. Another project we have worked on is a broken swing set at a local primary school. We tried to fix it when the Horizon Youth were here but the chain we put on it must have been bad quality. I went out and got some new chain and hung up the swings! They look pretty awesome if I do say so myself!  ; )

The last thing I've been able to get involved with is a youth basketball clinic. The other Saturday as I was driving by the courts near our house, I saw a bunch of youth and what looked like some coaches doing some basketball drills. I thought to myself I'll go check it out next Saturday! So I did and it turned out to be our manager from the Bird Rock basketball team that we played for. His name is Wendell and he has been holding this youth basketball clinic for awhile now and so I asked if he needed help and he said of course I can use all the help I can get with these kids! So from 10-12 on Saturdays now I will be helping coach and train young kids from the ages of 7-13 in basketball. Praise the Lord for opening doors!

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