Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catching Our Breath

Over this past summer we have been super busy with two mission teams coming on our behalf as well as two other mission teams coming on behalf of another missionary couple on the island named Sean and Mandi Miller. They are here with an organization called Child Evangelism Fellowship. ( We recently just said goodbye to the last of the teams. This team was from Seattle, Washington. They were a blast to be around. They had great hearts to serve the Lord and were even a huge blessing to us by taking us all out to eat. We helped them with their three VBS's that they did. Brandon and I were able to take some of the older kids that showed up and show them some Christian Hip/Hop music videos and share the gospel with them. They were super attentive and seemed to really enjoy it.

We recently had our last AWANA night of the season and will be resuming the club in January. We had many kids pass their books and earn awards which they will receive next year. We have many great ideas to expand and better the AWANA program for next year so definitely keep that in your prayers. We decided for the last night to go to the sea and pick up shells and weathered glass for the kids to use for their crafts at the upcoming VBS with the team from Seattle. It was a great night and a great way to end a fruitful year of AWANA. 

Last, but not least, Brandon and I have been playing basketball for the Bird Rock Uprisers team in the A Division of the St. Kitts Amateur Basketball Association. Our team was undefeated heading into the tournament and we just recently won the championship without losing a single game! It was a great time to be with the guys and we can only pray that Jesus light shone through us as we played a silly game of basketball. God can be glorified through basketball AMEN! 

With all this said, the season is definitely slowing down and we are finally able to catch our breaths after an amazing summer. The Grayson family will be leaving us to visit Indiana for 6 weeks. Jamie and I will be staying to hold down the fort. While they are gone I will fill in for Brandon teaching the Monday night Bible Study, the Wednesday night Bible Study, as well as Teaching CCF on one or two Sundays. Pray for me (Luke) as I teach God's Word to the Kittitian's and students here on the island. Pray that God's Word will go forth in power and the Spirit will rest upon my lips as I proclaim HIS truth! We want to thank all who support what God is doing here through prayers and finances. We cannot express how thankful we are! 

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