Friday, July 20, 2012

Fast Pace

We just wanted to give a quick update on whats been happening recently! The past week we hosted one of my best friends Zach Booher for about 10 days. It was awesome to have him visit and have fun together here on the island. We played some tennis and he even treated me to golf at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club! (What a friend right?!) It was sad to see him leave but we will see him again when we visit in October. 

The day before Zach left, Brandon, Zach and I had the opportunity to go into the St. Kitts prison and play some 3 on 3 basketball with the inmates. A couple of our Bird Rock Uprisers teammates came with us, Shyeed and Iain. It was pretty surreal to be honest. We walked in and there was a small court outside in the middle of the complex and all around the whole court were probably a couple hundred inmates. It almost felt like a movie or something! It was an amazing time to say the least, it was very aggressive as you can imagine but everyone was having a lot of fun. At the end Brandon got to share about forgiveness and the gospel with all of them. They were all attentive and we can't wait to get back in there and play again! 
We are now getting ready for the Youth Group from Indianapolis to come down on Saturday for their two week mission trip! We are so excited to see old friends and to see how God wants to move through them while they're here! Definitely keep them in your prayers throughout their time here in St. Kitts! 

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