Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awesome Opportunity!

Hey everyone! We just wanted to post a quick update about and amazing opportunity we had to share at Grace Gospel Hall's anniversary worship service. The evening we went was a night of worship and they were celebrating their anniversary as being a church the next day. Mavis Huggins, a woman who has helped get us involved with many ministries including the AWANA program which is held at this same church, invited us to come and share for a little bit before they started the service about worship and what true worship is. Worship isn't about when, where or any of the physical details. Throughout scripture we see that God is looking for our hearts. It is our hearts that He desires for us to offer, not empty voices and songs. Here are a few pictures and a video clip. There were well over a hundred people there! It was amazing! Praise the Lord for opening doors to share His Word.

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