Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to St. Kitts!

So recently here in St. Kitts we've had the awesome privilege of having my parents come to visit us on the island.  For any who know my parents, you will know that they absolutely love the Caribbean Islands and have been to many of them but this is their first trip to St. Kitts.  They've been here for almost two weeks and have one still to go.  It has been fun having fellowship with them again and also showing them around the island.

We have definitely been busy as of late with many different ministry opportunities.  The Bible Study is still going strong and we recently have seen an increase in attendance as we are journeying through the Gospel of John.  It has been neat to see who God has been bringing and how He has been bringing them.  The other day I was walking out to the car in front of the Grayson's house and there was a younger man jogging in place looking at the Bible Study sign.  It was as if the Lord just brought him right to us!  His name is Adler and he is from Haiti.  He told me he would hopefully make it one Wednesday and he came this past Wednesday and brought a friend! PTL

At the church we attend on Sundays, Caribbean Christian Fellowship, the students who lead the worship music are in their last semesters and so I have begun to start leading so that we can slowly start to have a smooth transition to where I will be organizing and leading different worship teams. Please pray for this ministry and the opportunity we have to fellowship with and serve the students.

AWANA has been a blast the last two weeks.  We have been having around 35-40 kids coming and the order and structure that AWANA brings has been really good for these kids.  They are all super excited to earn their books to begin earning points and AWANA dollars.  It is such an amazing tool we can use to get the Word of God engrained in these kids minds and hearts.  Continue to pray for the leadership and their sanity as it can get pretty crazy with 40+ Kittitian children running around!

Basketball has started! Brandon and I have started practicing with the team we coach and also with the team we play for.  The team we coach are all under 20 and the team we play for are over 20.  Pray for all these young guys hearts to be softened to the Good News that only Jesus brings.

I know this is a lot, but one other thing to keep in prayer is the opportunities that Brandon and I have to go into the prison and minister to nearly 300 people in a jail that was made for only 80!  We will most likely be playing basketball with them and hopefully starting a church service for them once a month. Thank you to all who take the time to read me blabber on about St. Kitts and thank you for those who pray for us and the people of St. Kitts!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, I always enjoy hearing what's going on.